Blog Post: Pilot 1 – Games and Puzzles Toys Design and Development (V-CUBES)

Current Status

V-CUBES S.A. was founded in 2008 and is located in Korinthos of Southern Greece.

We design and produce our products in Greece and we promote them via a well established and fast growing network of distributors in more than 30 countries. Moreover our products have reached 112 countries via the web. Our best selling markets are Spain, USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Greece amongst others.

V-CUBES S.A. consists of an R&D division, a production division, a marketing-sales division, a logistic division and a customer support division, of which all strive to provide the best quality control and customer service support possible. All contemporary and safety standards are used in order to accommodate our global customers.

We manufacture so far more than 100 SKUs categorized in 3 major Brands.

1. The V-CUBE TM worldwide patented products. They are a uniquely designed and constructed series of 3D rotational cubes that managed to break a worldwide monopoly for the best-selling puzzle in history. They are classified in 3 different sub-categories: The V-Classics, The V-Collections and the “Create Your Cube” products.


2. The V-Sphere TM patented product, a new 3D sliding spherical puzzle.

3. The Labors of Hercules, an innovative series of 2D pattern puzzles.

Labours of Hercules

Our vision is to provide to people worldwide an opportunity to extend their capabilities and develop pluralistic creative skills through the use of our innovative and educational series of puzzles.

Our products are addressed to kids and parents, students and teachers, professionals and artists, tourists and museum lovers, companies and licensees. Their unique features allow literally everyone to enjoy them and enhancing the puzzle solving experience while offering challenge and stepping level of difficulty.



The international network of distributors is a major source of market and product feedback. However, those distribution partners specialize in the commercial aspects of the product distribution and not during the critical face of the product concept creation & development process.

The feedback the company receives from a team of subcontractors, limited communities resources and distributors does not always offer the optimised feedback that a multiple resources and synergies platform could provide.

Pilot1 Challenges

Toylabs Solution

ToyLabs could be ideal for V-Cubes. The collection and professional evaluation of all critical aspects from FabLabs and from experts and consumers is fundamental for the creation of a great product.

To access to these type of valuable resources would offer the opportunity to invest to more novelties of innovative concepts and superior quality.

The fact that V-Cubes puzzles are mostly addressed to children and teenagers address even stronger the safety, functional and quality issue which can be safeguarded from the “Pilot” project evaluation.

Thus, the framework of the pilot project, as an evaluation and market prediction tool will be utilised to get realistic consumer feedback for existing and upcoming new products. This is an excellent way to capture the worldwide needs and trends in the international markets and contribute successfully in designing new puzzles and games.

Pilots1 Solution


Expected Benefits

The most important benefits for V-Cubes out of the pilot application of ToyLabs can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Build prototypes of new toys in remote facilities (FabLabs) and present them to end consumers, childhood professionals, child-life specialists as well as from parents , in order to receive valuable feedback.
  2. The safety-related recommendations from toy safety experts and parents which are usually the purchase decision makers are of crucial importance for safety and commercial reasons. The safety evaluation should take place during the early phases of the toy creation process.
  3. Get feedback from experts on new product concepts
  4. Potentially offer to end-users an AR-based experience of playing with the conceptual designs.
  5. Get social media based insights regarding the existing V-Cubes toys and new market trends.
  6. Get customers’ opinions via the ToyLabs platform feedback management tool.
  7. Complete the whole Toy development process from conceptualisation to production and commercialisation in an one-stop process and within a significant smaller budget.