FabLab Bucharest at Makerfair Vienna 2017

FabLab Bucharest at Makerfair Vienna 2017

On the 20th-21st May FabLab Bucharest was present at Makerfair Vienna (http://www.makerfairevienna.com/).

Fablab Bucharest chose this event as it is quite bug and attracts the participation of many Fablabs. 

Our Participation there

Fablab Bucharest participated as visitor in the fair but had the opportunity to talk to all the exhibitors and give out flyers.

We talked to other Fablabs, amateur toymakers and a large number of participants at the event.

The ToyLabs concept was presented and handed over flyers. We also asked their opinion on the idea and if they would be interested in being part of the network.

All of the Fablabs expressed an interest in the project and even volunteered to be part of a test run when we launch the platform.

The amateur toymakers were very interested in the project. By amateur, we mean people who develop games but do not have a toy making company. They were very interested in making their toys up to safety standards but they didn’t know what those were. A very different approach these people had to their product is that they also wanted to make DIY plans available for free but also sell a finished product.

Most people we talked to showed interest in the project, but mostly because they were intrigued by the word “toy”. They were, on the other hand, very interested in knowing how the keychain we gave them was made:

FabLab Bucharest Marketfair Vienna 2017


More pictures from the event can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ToyLabsProject/photos/?tab=album&album_id=431603660529214