Blog Post: Cooperation without comprehension – The role of BPI in the ToyLabs solution

It is a fact that in today’s highly competitive environment, small and medium size businesses (SMEs) are having trouble competing with large companies, who often operate on a global scale, given that they may more easily survive in competitive environment since they have the ability to offer a wide selection of products, referring also to multiple markets and enjoying scale advantages in purchasing, manufacturing, distributing, selling and marketing.

Blog Post: Market Analytics and Trends Analysis in ToyLabs

The ToyLabs methodology “Market Trends and Social Feedback Analysis” refers to the identification of market trends as these may emerge through an analysis of the online activity of users (i.e. prospective customers) as well as the efficient management and analysis of the feedback that arises for a specific company through the user mentions of the brand or its products/services in the web.

Blog Post: Expected Impact of the ToyLabs methodology and platform

According to EUROSTAT, the Toys and Games manufacturing sector (Games and Toys, NACE 32.4) in the EU comprises around 5,300 enterprises employing around 53,000 persons and generating a turnover of more than 8 billion euros annually. The sector is dominated by SMEs, at a very high rate – more than in most Creative Industry sectors – since 99% of the toy manufacturing enterprises have less than 249 employees, while they provide 61% of the employment in the whole sector.