Blog Post: ToyLabs Pilot 2 – Dolls & Accessories Pilot

INDUSTRIA AUXILIAR JUEMA S.L. is a  dolls and toys manufacturer . Our workers have such an extended experience in doll making that they saw doll making from papier-mâché up to the modern vinyl dolls manufactured by injection or Rotomoulding ovens.

 However each year we faced more and more challenges regarding the doll designs and creation. And sometimes due to the inability to satisfy the inquiries of a client, we had to adapt the projects to older technologies or to lose a project.

These modern tendencies helped us to take a decision to take part in the project Toyslab! The principal aim is to solve some of the technical problems as prototyping or safety investigations as well as easiness in offering of these services for a wider variety of clients.

The advantages of the knowledge in each field of interested parts of the projects lead all of us to the development of a network for professionals in  toy creation and related fields such as small companies or beginners in this industry.

At this moment our company is working with FabLabs from Rumania and Italy: SpotDesign and Start Smart on the design of an already existing doll but with some modifications as size or features of the doll´s face. These amendments were required by the market. This collaboration will help to recreate the design before the major investments of mould making and to avoid any problem of safety by presenting this prototype to the safety experts.  At the same time the first augmented reality presentation would help to receive the first feedback from the main customers and Experts in social analytics.

This collaboration shows all the manners of collaborations of during the toy and doll creation between Manufacturers, FabLabs, Safety Experts and, certainly, End Customers to reach the best results with minor investments. These two points are very important for our own commercial brand Paola Reina that represents all the innovative technologies and designs of doll making through its collection each year. This collection is available at