ToyLabs Special Interest Group Registration

ToyLabs project is creating a new toy developing methodology by involving different actors in a collaborative platform. We are looking for child experts to help toy manufacturers, FabLabs and safety experts bring better toys to the market. 
Do you want to participate in a new way of making toys? Do you want to be part of the final product?
This call offers the opportunity to participate actively in ToyLabs project by being part of the “ToyLabs Special Interest Group” (TSIG) 
The TSIG members will participate in each pilot execution as a representative of the end user providing their feedback on submitted designs as well as supporting communication of project concept and results to their network of contacts. 
The group has to be formed with individuals with diverse characteristics (child psychologists, childhood professionals and parents) and coming from the different countries at least form the ones participating in the project (Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain) but any nationality is welcome in order for it to be representative of the end user community. 
The selection will be made based on the review of the submitted CVs choosing the options that best suit to the objectives in the project. 
If you are interested in joining ToyLabs and you are representative of any of the profiles mentioned above, please fill the form bellow.