ToyLabs published deliverables

ToyLabs, being an Innovation Action, has a clear eye on the latest market developments in order to reach a market-ready level and release the project's results into the EU market. Thus, it is designed as a project lasting 18 months, which are considered by the consortium adequate to perform all the necessary work and ideal for placing an intuitive and modern solution on the market as soon as possible.

In this section you can download all publicly available deliverables of the project that have been officially published for each Work Package.

Work Package 1: Requirements Engineering and Validation Framework

The deliverables of this work package will provide a state of the art report on the methods tools and concepts related with ToyLabs and will also capture the user requirements for the platform and define the ToyLabs methodology.
D1.1- Exploring Progress and Innovation in ToyLabs Tackled Domains and ToyLabs Concept Definition

This deliverable provides a compendium showing the main progress recorded in the ToyLabs relevant domains and best practises that should be taken into consideration for the implementation of the ToyLabs project, recommending also tools, components and mechanisms that should be taken under consideration by the technical partners. Afterwards, it clarifies ToyLabs’ concept while positioning it in the Toy Industry Business Landscape.
D1.2- Stakeholders’ Requirements Identification and Validation Framework Determination

This deliverable conducts certain high-level usage scenarios that will lead to the extraction of concrete requirements to be used for the methodology and the platform. Additionally, the framework for ToyLabs Validation and Impact Measurement are initially described in the context of this deliverable.
Work Package 2: ToyLabs Methodology Definition

WP2 deliverables focuses on the delivery of the ToyLabs methodology that will be used to drive the project and the platform implementation.
D2.1- ToyLabs Open Innovation and Co-creation Integrated Methodology

This deliverable is the direct outcome of all WP2 tasks and contains the integrated methodology that drives the usage of the ToyLabs platform.
Work Package 3: ToyLabs Added-Value Components Design and Development

The deliverables of WP3 provide the technical specifications for the different components that are used in ToyLabs and also develops those components that are to be forwarded to WP4 for integration into the final platform.
D3.1- Technology Requirements and ToyLabs Components Analysis

This deliverable identifies the technical requirements for the ToyLabs components and interfaces and will analyse the functionalities of each of them.
D3.2- ToyLabs Added-Value Components Design and Development

This is the first version for the design and development of the identified ToyLabs added-value components. D3.2 includes early mock-ups for each of these components, architecture diagrams, all design documents as well as the release of the so far implemented MVP features.
Work Package 4: ToyLabs Integrated Platform Design and Development

The WP4 deliverables is the outcome of the integration activities for the components that are to be designed and developed under WP3, and therefore hands over the final, integrated ToyLabs platform.
D4.1- Collaboration Platform Design and Development

This deliverable includes the initial architecture for the development of ToyLabs Collaboration Platform, a first release for the Collaboration Platform and the integration plan for the added-value components.
Work Package 6: Dissemination, Communication and Community Building

These deliverables are used to plan and report all dissemination and communication related activities of the project.
D6.1- Dissemination, Communication and Community Engagement Plan

This deliverable is related to the provision of a detailed plan for all dissemination and communication activities as well as the provision of a solid plan for the enhancement of community engagement that will be scheduled for the following project’s period until the 1st report under D6.2.
Work Package 7: Data Management Handling Plan

Deliverables of WP7 concentrate on devising the project's exploitation, sustainability and business plan, while they also deal with ethical issues handling and data management activities.
D7.2- Data Management Handling Plan

This deliverable is related to the data management handling plan of the project.